2018 will introduce competitive & non-competitive cheer squads for the first time in Jr. Dragons history. Parents may enroll their child in our competitive cheer program, which will practice 3-4 times per week and focus solely on competitive cheer. For parents & participants who do not want to make a full commitment, or just want to join to get their feet wet, our non-compete squad may be the right option. The non-compete squad will practice 1-2 times per week and focus on team-building and learning cheers relative to the game of football. The non-compete squad will cheer at all 8 regular season games, but will not go to conference competitions.

The registration fee for our non-compete squad is $50 per session, and includes our uniform consisting of team branded shorts & t-shirt. Parents are responsible for providing white athletic shoes to be worn during games.


Cheer Practice

Cheerleading practice begins late July to early August.  Practice is outdoors, Monday-Thursday 6pm-8:00pm during the summer.  Once school begins, practices are restricted to 10 hours per week based on a per-team schedule.  Typically, this is 3 days per week (competitive), 1 day per week (non-compete) from 6p-8p.  Once school is in session, practices are typically moved indoors.  Time & Location will be communicated by your child’s coach.  Practices are subject to change based on individual coaching requirements & weather.


Clothing & Equipment

Competitive Squad – Parent Responsibility

  • Cheer Shoes, Undergarments & Socks*
  • V-Neck Shirt
  • Turtleneck Undershirt
  • Cheer Vest
  • Cheer Skirt

Non-Compete Squad – Parent Responsibility

  • White Athletic Shoes

*Full Uniforms including Cheer Shoes, Undergarments & Socks are required to be purchased by all cheerleaders.  These garments are sanctioned & chosen by the cheer coordinator prior to the beginning of each program year.  The cost of these items is usually subsidized by the league, and the parents share a portion of the payment.  The 2018 cost to parents will be $95. During the pre-season parent meetings, parents can choose to purchase the uniform outright and keep the uniform at the end of the season, or lease the uniform for the duration of the season. If the uniform is turned in at the end of the season in a clean, satisfactory condition, Parents may choose a $75 account credit, or $50 refund by check (allow 4-6 weeks for processing).

Participants are expected to come to practice ready for physical activity. They should be dressed in active wear at all times. No jeans, shorts, or jewelry is allowed. We encourage all participants to bring plenty of water to games and practices.  Sports Drinks (Gatorade, Powerade) are not allowed on artificial turf fields.

Cheerleaders should…

  • wear athletic clothing that allows for a full range of motion.  Microfiber, spandex, compression or other types of specific athletic gear are preferred.
  • wear white athletic shoes (sneakers), white socks, and appropriate undergarments as described by your coach.
  • make sure that all accessories are securely fastened
  • make sure your shoes are securly tied
  • make sure you hair is pulled up and does not interfere with your vision.

Cheerleaders should not…

  • wear bracelets, necklaces, or other jewelry that may become loose during athletic performance.
  • wear jeans, jean shorts, or other restrictive clothing not suitable for exercise/athletics
  • wear boots, sandals or other non-athletic shoes.
  • wear make-up, nail polish or other competition prohibited accessories

Cheerleaders are expected to follow proper dress code. Coaches have the authority to modify this policy to meet the needs of their team and/or competition rules.



Games for our younger divisions (7-10) are typically played on Saturdays between 10AM & 2PM.  Games for our older divisions (11-14) are typically played on Sundays between 10AM & 2PM.  Each division typically participates in eight(8) regular season games, plus applicable playoff games. Our home games are played at Edward P. Collins field / Woodrow Wilson Middle School, 370 Hunting Hill Ave, Middletown.



The Middletown Jr. Blue Dragons play teams from around the state, and Western Mass. Transportation is the sole responsibility of parents/guardians. They will also participate in post season games that could involve traveling for the New England Regional championships and Florida for the National championship.  In some cases, at it’s own discretion, the league may provide bus transportation and pass the cost on to parents.  Advance reservations & purchase is required for all bus transportation.