2019 Open Call for Volunteers – Board & Coaching

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Open call for Volunteers

Our league would not be where it is today without the hard work of our dedicated volunteers and coaches. We encourage parents who have children actively involved with the team to step up and donate their time when they can. It’s not only the administration that benefits from your time, our children benefit as well.

Our Board Members & Coaches make the decisions that ultimately shape the direction of our team, the rules of the conference we play in, and they define how successful we are as an organization. If you think you have the unique ideas to take our team to the next level, apply for an open board or coaching position today.

Open Positions are voted one once per year in February. You can apply to open positions by completing a volunteer application form, located here, and submitting your completed application — and a cover letter explaining the reason why you are applying, along with any relevant experience you wish to be considered. Email your cover letter & application to info@jrbluedragons.com – with a subject line indicating which position you are applying for – no later than midnight on Feb 19, 2019.

Application Window is open from January 28 – February 19. No applications will be accepted after Feb 19, 2019.


Board of Directors

The following positions are open to the public for election in 2019.

Director of Football Operations & Coaching

Is responsible for Hiring Head Coaches, assure that Head Coaches attend football clinics. Communicate football structure and strategies to coaches, Monitor coach’s behavior and progress during the season. Report all incidents that may occur to the Executive Board for discussion. Following the season report to board on the coaching status for the following year. Coaching Director Position will only be filled by a qualified experienced applicant. He or she must have verifiable experience having served as a Coaching Director at youth, High School or college level.

Fundraising Coordinator

This position functions as the person responsible for coordinating fundraising opportunities with 3rd party vendors, community partners, and other sources. He or she will be responsible for booking fundraising dates at local businesses, collecting raised funds, and reporting such collections to the Board of Directors. He or she is also responsible for overseeing & organizing individual team fundraising efforts, and disbursing raised funds for approved purchases.

Equipment Manager

Maintain the inventory of all equipment and to whom it is assigned, distribute the equipment with the help of the respective team coaches and assistants; collect, inventory and store all the equipment at the end of the season; submit to the Board an inventory and repair/replacement list at the January meeting; report the status of equipment/equipment room to the Board at the meetings; purchase equipment and supplies for MJBD at the best price for the best quality as quickly as possible, as directed and approved by the MJBD Board.

The equipment manager(s) is also responsible for maintaining, updating and distributing the league first aid kits.  The equipment manager(s) will fit each football player to insure proper sizing of equipment for maximum safety.

He or she shall attend normally scheduled games and scheduled practices so as to be visible and available to all coaching staff and registered membership.  Must also be available at all post-season games. Shall routinely check all equipment for safety.

Team Registrar

The Team Registrar will be responsible for the dissemination & collection of registration paperwork at all registration events, and during the collection phase at the beginning of each season.  

He or she will be responsible for remind parents of paperwork responsibility, as well as past due balances that are required to make each player “eligible” to play/practice

The Team Registrar will notify coaches of players who are, and enforce “ineligibility” rules

The Team Registrar will deliver paperwork in a organized & quick manner to the President, who is responsible for the build of yearly player books.

Concessions Manager

The concessions manager is responsible for maintaining, cleaning, and keeping stocked the concession stand during the regular course of operations. He or she is responsible for maintaining relationships with food service vendors. The concessions manager is responsible for the planning & pricing of menu items prior to each season and communicating any changes to the Board of Directors.

He or she is responsible for staffing the concession stand on game-day or other special events in which the MJBD organization participates in. The concessions manager is responsible for the Point of Sale system and collecting funds at the end of each concessions shift, documenting & turning over funds to be deposited to the Treasurer or President.


Coaching Positions

We are actively accepting applications for Head & Assistant coaches for Competitive Cheerleading, Non-Compete Cheerleading, Dance and Football. Previous coaching experience is preferred, but not required.

**All Board of Directors & Coaching positions require a KidSafe Background Check, as well as a interview before the Board of Directors in late February.