Fundraising Recap

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Hello Parents!

This week we will distribute our Ashley Farms, Kansas Maid & Lyman’s Orchards fundraising packets, so I thought it would be a great time to recap all the fundraising options, contribution percentages, and due dates, so you have them all in one place.

Casino Bus Trip – Mohegan Sun

Thank you to those who have already purchased tickets online, if you purchased your tickets last week, they are ready and will be distributed to you during this weeks practice, if we don’t happen to see your first, come see a board member and we will get you your tickets!

If you haven’t purchased yet, now is the time because our bus is filling up quick. Once tickets are gone, they’re GONE!

August 24th our bus will leave at 6:00PM SHARP and we have tons of fun planned! We will be playing multiple trivia games for great prizes, there will be a 50/50 raffle for those who wants to try their luck early, and we will also be selling $2 well & jello shots aboard the bus!

Ticket Sales close when we are sold out, or August 23rd.

Revenue Share : 100%

Annual Raffle Fundraiser

Our Annual Raffle Fundraiser is in full swing. $5.00 buys you a ticket to the best deal in town. The chance to win Pats, Jets or Giants Tickets, and a slew of other great prizes.

We have been distributing books of 10 tickets at practice, if you haven’t received one yet, please see a board member.

Our football teams are scheduled to be at Stop & Shop this Saturday, August 11th as a make up day from last week. Times are as follows

  • 8U : 9AM-10AM
  • 10U : 10AM-11AM
  • 11U : 11AM-NOON
  • 12U : NOON-1PM
  • 13U : 1PM-2PM

Revenue Share : 100%

Ashley Farms

Our Ashley Farms packet contains all sorts of fall goodies, such as cheesecakes, pies, pizza, candy and chocolates.

There is a typo on the included pink colored sheet, the due date is NO LATER than 9/8/18

Revenue Share : 50%

Kansas Maid & Lyman’s Orchards

Our Kansas Maid Braided Pastry is the king of the direct sales world right now. With 5 different flavors to choose from, along with Sweet Caramel Cinnamon rolls & Italian Herb Bread, they’re the perfect holiday treat. We are also offering Lyman’s Orchards Fruit Crisps in 4 different flavors with Kosher & Gluten Free varieties.

Orders are due NO LATER than 9/8/18

Revenue Share : 35%

**Please note that the Ashley Farms tally sheet is on the envelope, and the Kansas Maid / Lyman’s tally sheet is on the back of the flyer. Plesae do not mix up the two. See a board member before tallying your order if you need assistance.

Volunteer Hours

You may earn $10/hr towards your fundraising quota throughout the season. Please see Latosha Taylor or Katrina Colon to sign-up for available volunteer opportunities.

Cash Buy-Out

We also accept a $50 direct cash buy-out in lieu of fundraising. Cash buy-outs are due NO LATER than 8/31/18