Open Call for Volunteers – Board & Coaching

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Open call for Volunteers

Our league would not be where it is today without the hard work of our dedicated volunteers and coaches.  We encourage parents who have children actively involved with the team to step up and donate their time when they can. It’s not only the administration that benefits from your time, our children benefit as well.

Our Board Members & Coaches make the decisions that ultimately shape the direction of our team, the rules of the conference we play in, and they define how successful we are as an organization. If you think you have the unique ideas to take our team to the next level, apply for an open board or coaching position today.

Open Positions are voted one once per year in February. You can apply to open positions using this form.

Application Window is open from November 15 – January 30. No applications will be accepted after Jan 30, 2018.


Board of Directors

The following positions are open to the public for election in 2018.


The treasurer shall be responsible for the financial management of the MJBD including but not limited to the following:  Assure that all Board Members, and Chairpersons or others working on behalf of MJBD properly handle the project’s financial affairs; properly manage, collect and disperse MJBD funds efficiently.  Prepare a written monthly report for all Board meetings to be attached to the minutes.  The treasurer needs to make sure all signatures are current with the active board at the bank.  The treasurer will be responsible for immediate follow-up regarding any insufficient fund checks, including collection of proper penalty fees.

The treasurer will make sure the league checkbook is present at all league functions.

The treasurer will also make available to all board members responsible for purchasing goods our tax-exempt information.

The treasurer will be responsible for picking up the mail at our post office box a minimum of once per week and see that all mail is distributed to the appropriate person in a timely manner.

Cheerleading Coordinator

The Cheer Coordinator responsible for all cheerleading activities, including cheerleading coaches; be present at all affiliated league functions and act as MJBD representative at those events.  Report information and findings from said meetings back to the Board of Directors; shall have the responsibility of supervising the coaches of individual cheer squads, shall work in conjunction with the President and Vice President in initial assignment of team cheer/squads, assist President and Vice President in interviewing process of all cheerleading coaches.

Secretary / Parent Liasion

Shall take minutes of all meetings and distribute copies to all Board members at the next meeting, maintain MJBD records, notify members as to the time and place of the meetings and handle MJBD correspondence as requested.  Distribute game day directions to the Head Coaches prior to away games.

The secretary will be responsible for purchasing all necessary office supplies for the league. He/She will have copies made of all league announcements for distribution.  The secretary will handle all “good will” gestures, i.e. fruit baskets, and sympathy cards.

As Parent Liaison, the Secretary will field comments, concerns & complaints from parents as part of the normal chain of command.

Community Liasion

The Community Liasion will be responsibile for assisting the Director of Fundraising with larger fundraising projects. Also representing the MJBD organization in a positive manner, helping to support and promote league values and fostering relationships with community partners & businesses.

The Community Liasion will be the main point of contact for new, interested parties (participants, parents & volunteers) wishing to get involved with the organization.

Team Representatives

Previously described as the “Team Parent” role, each team will elect a representative to sit on a committee to the Board of Directors. The initial term will be February 2018 – July 2018. Team reps will be re-elected each August, voted on by parents of team participants for each team. The initial reps will be chosen by the Board of Directors, and must have had a child participate in the age level they have applied to represent.

The committee will send one rep to each monthly board meeting. Team Reps are responsible for communicating Board activity, MJBD procedures & policies with parents, and for bringing general parent concerns and questions to the attention of the Board of Directors.


Coaching Positions

We are actively accepting applications for Head & Assistant coaches for Cheerleading, and Assistant coaches for Football. Previous coaching experience is preferred, but not required.

**All Board of Directors & Coaching positions require a KidSafe Background Check, as well as a interview before the Board of Directors in early February.