A Letter from the President

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Dear Parents,

I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some exciting developments within the Jr. Blue Dragons organization.

Most of you have seen me walking from team to team at practice, or on the sidelines and games, or just generally around our events and have maybe pulled me aside to chat. Some of you have addressed your concerns in a group setting. The top questions & topics that I get from parents this year have resoundingly all been about the same topic.

Each team operates as a organized unit, and from a parents perspective there seems to be a bit of a disconnect between the communication within the teams, and communications coming from the Jr Blue Dragons administration. We have also heard complaints that the board, as a whole, isn’t approachable.

Over the past 2 months, during our regular Board of Directors meetings I have addressed this issue with our board members and we have discussed it at length.

While we all have our specific roles, and during practices & games we may seem busy, but at some point we will respond to you. I would like to reiterate that you are always welcome to voice your concerns and questions to any board member, be it in-person, via our phone line at 860-800-2070, or via email at info@jrbluedragons.com.

If we do not respond right away, it may be because we are discussing the issue as a group. There are no decisions in our organization that are made by any one person. All 10 board members are volunteers who are actively engaged in making the decisions that affect this organization.

Our parent liaison, Jim Gallant, is an assistant coach on our 9U Football team. His specific role in our organization is to field parent concerns and bring those concerns to the board to be discussed. He is usually available at Keigwin during normal practice hours.

I am also excited to announce the creation of an additional board position, “Community Liaison”. This person holding this position will be responsible for communicating community involvement, rule changes, and board decisions to the community at large.

We have also evolved the role of the “Team Parent” to become a “Team Representative”. A representative appointed by each team will form a Representative Committee to sit on the board and have a collective vote on issues concerning our organization. These reps will then be responsible for reporting back to the team parents all issues that have been discussed by the board.

Our organization cannot be run without willing volunteers, and I thank our Board Members, Coaches & Parents. If you feel like you want to volunteer, but don’t know how, please ask a board member how you can get involved.

With a temporary practice facility, and no home field this year, it is regrettable that we could not implement this change sooner. However, next season we will have a permanent we will start holding regular office hours, and bi-weekly open parent meetings where parents can voice their concerns and have an open discussion with board members.

Myself, and the entire Board of Directors, look forward to serving you now and in the future.



Jason LaRosa